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Week 10

  • Edit Architecture diagram
  • Demo Web Application
    • Time dimension
    • Timeline
  • Demo Mobile Web Application
    • Algorithm
    • Interface
  • UAT testing including devices/browsers etc.

Week 9

  • Algorithm
    • Add to greedy algorithm
    • Heuristics
  • UAT Test plan
    • Different devices
    • Different browsers
    • Different types of tests
    • Check that itinerary is as expected Eg. Adventurous…as opposed to leisure
      • Look at those more popular attractions: we should calculate ratings
      • Look for statistics (how many times a particular attraction comes out in itinerary)
      • Test on date sensitive events
  • Demo of Mobile Web Application (whatever we can show) with USS algorithm hopefully
  • Architecture diagram to show how our code is manageable and easy to understand

Week 6

  • Send Midterm presentation slides by Monday so Prof can feedback to us
  • Send Prof / put in wiki the issue tracker link so he can comment straight in there next time
  • Next supervisor meeting in week 9: Friday March 3rd
  • Update wiki during week 8, especially schedule part

Week 4

  • Connect database to webapp (itinerary needs to be sent to database)
  • Clean up the UI of webapp with real content (too many errors in timeline) (try to assume certain things to get it to work first)
  • Get everything integrated before CNY: ASP, algo, UI
  • Update the ER diagram in wiki
  • Send Prof Ben the links, user login, password after everything is integrated well
  • Write down as lessons learnt: for integration problem for repository and dropbox
  • Do a survey (something more generic) feedback of UI for WebApp; is the step easy to understand; feedback about functionality. 3 or 4 generic questions would be enough (these are qualitative feedback)
    • Should ask them about our flash UI
    • Ask about algorithm; is the results of itinerary satisfactory

Week 3

  • Need to adjust schedule for Flash UI, upgrade and adding of attractions into tab
  • Deploy both Web and Mobile version (put link in wiki, any pw send to Prof Ben in email)
  • Algorithm: have the formula out, don’t change anymore, preferably integrated with the webapp
  • Test plans (which we can find out more information from Paul)
    • Get the other 2 teams to test. Need to have a schedule for them, at least a week.
    • We already set a schedule for the UAT for the other 2 teams Pivoteers and Protégé

Email now: Inform the 2 teams Protégé and Pivoteers that we would be emailing them a soft copy of UAT on 4 Feb, they can do OTOT and send reply back to us by 7 Feb

Week 2

  • Try to deploy server
  • Come up with table listing graph and nodes
  • Mobile web application can talk to database
  • Allow double click to edit duration when customizing itinerary for web app
  • Set a deadline by end of week 4: Have a deployed server with a database, and mobile accessing the information there, with basic algorithm
  • By week 4, put all these onto wiki

Week 1

  • Request for manager from RWS for liaison
  • Add project status in wiki
  • Deploy our version on pc / everything on the server
  • Update milestones / timeline
  • See next week: demo for mobile webapp, display itinerary list, check/uncheck
  • Demo to Prof Ben what we are going to show Prof Lau: algorithm and taking in real data/time
  • Next week: WebApp on localhost, timeline, drag&drop working together
  • Next week: Mobile WebApp: user, itinerary list
  • Next week: Algorithm will take in time
  • Discuss UAT with RWS quickly, how we going to deploy it/test it, which server we are going to use, maybe provide us a server where we can use for testing
  • Anqi to get information for server from RWS, list out machines/software (MS SQL) we need, ask for windows server http server **they have to give us license for the server. Need to have an issue tracker (mantis etc.)
  • By midterm check how many users we need to track this.
    • Easiest to use spreadsheet.
    • But use mantis more convenient (better for team management)
  • Take a snapshot of the previous versions of all our work (so as to show our progress during midterm/finals)
    • can put it in wiki too

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