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Application deployment link: Epitrain elearning platform

Project Info

Project Brief
Epitrain Elearning Platform (EEP) a web-responsive elearning system for Epitrain learners and subscribers to have convenient access to Epitrain’s learning materials. Various learning tools accompanied with detailed guidance are available to facilitate the learning process of these users. For Epitrain, this application will provide them with complete control and protection of their materials, which in turn allows the monetization of these materials. Customization options and user control panel are provided to admin accounts for better oversight of the system.

More details about the project requirements can be found here

Project Status

Current Iteration: 12

Current Iteration Start Date: 28 March 2017 (Monday)

Current Iteration End Date: 9 April 2017 (Monday)

Team Deliverables at the end of Current Iteration :

  • Spreadsheet module: Decryption
  • Admin module: Admin customization & Class management

Overall Project Completion Status: 92%

Project Milestones

Proposal Submission: 17 October 2016   CAVETZ homepage green checkmark.png

Acceptance: 8 November 2016   CAVETZ homepage green checkmark.png

Midterm: 23 February 2017   CAVETZ homepage green checkmark.png

Poster Submission: 27 March 2017 CAVETZ homepage green checkmark.png

Final Presentation: 19 April 2017

Poster Day: 21 April 2017