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Project Progress Summary

Version Slides
1.0 Midterm Presentation Slides
2.0 Midterm Presentation Slides
2.1 Midterm Presentation Slides

Project Highlights

  • Major changes in business requirements
  • Above point led to major changes in the scope and timeline
  • Nonetheless, team managed the changes well to deliver and deploy the system to the client on time
  • Major improvement in UI

Project Management

Project Status

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Project Plan (Planned vs. Actual)

Planned (Pre-Acceptance)
Planned (Pre-Acceptance)

Project Metrics

Task Metrics

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Bug Metrics

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Project Risks

Risk Type Description Likelihood Consequence Level Mitigation Strategy Action Taken Effectiveness
Business Users may be resistant to the new system and require time to adapt Medium Medium 2 Do thorough system documentation, develop relevant test cases and user tests to gather constant feedback. Developers to provide training sessions and prepare user manual. Relevant test cases and testing procedures have been developed. More actions to follow up in the coming iterations. To be updated
Business Changing business requirements from the client High High 3 PM to facilitate clear communications with the client, leaving no gray area and leave proper documentation. More frequent meetings and testings have been arranged to ensure that both the team and the client is on the same page when it comes to business requirement. Developers have also reviewed the agreed business requirements to ensure that all the changes have been reflected accurately. Effective

Technical Data management functionalities development progress may be delayed due to the lack of knowledge in using jQuery High Medium 3 Spend time to pick up relevant knowledge. PM to include sufficient time in planning the project timeline and iterations for the developers. Spent time to pick up the relevant knowledge. Somewhat effective. While the team was able to develop the functionalities smoothly, there are still some problems faced.

Technical Complexity

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Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Management Project Management
Functionalities & Scope
Risk Management
Change Management
Documentation Meeting Minutes
Testing Testing Document



Deployment on Amazon Web Services

Sample Screenshots

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User Testing Date Venue Number of Testers
User Testing 1 11 Oct 2017 Abundant Accounting's Office 2
User Testing 2 3 Nov 2017 Abundant Accounting's Office 3
User Testing 3 11 Nov 2017 Abundant Accounting's Office 3


Team Reflection

  • With no past real-life experience in software development as well as accounting background, the team had to put in extra effort in progressing with the project
  • Taking in the feedback from supervisors after Acceptance, the team met with the client more often and included additional UATs to grasp the business requirement better
  • Knowledge from sis modules came vital as we applied them to develop the project

Client Feedback

  • The team is approachable & fast-learners. They have a good teamwork & are customer-centric
  • AMS is practical and beneficial to us. It helps to eliminates loads of manual steps and created a central database for us.”
  • The team has been very accommodating to our requests and eventually surpassed our expectations