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Project Progress Summary

Enigma-Main Wiki.png

Final Slides

Final Presentation

Project Highlights

  • Delay in campaign launch due to unfortunate unforeseen events for our sponsor. Had to reduce period campaign ran and as a result, reduced our x-factor from 200 redemptions to 170 redemptions

Project Challenges

  • Familiarising ourselves with new programming languages (e.g php and javascript)
  • Learning to use off-the-shelf CMS (ExpressionEngine) to build a website for our client (e.g familiarising ourselves with the syntax). Used online guides and tutorials to learn PHP as well as how to use ExpressionEngine (CMS)
  • Learning how to utilise open-source API such as Chart.js and MailChimp
  • Blacklisting of IP address for some email clients due to previous owner. Liaised with server provider, DigitalOcean, to resolve the issue by getting a new server
  • Faced issue of email ban on the server due to DigitalOcean's policies. Had the ban removed by communicating our project and situation to DigitalOcean to ensure no malicious intent
  • Last minute changes of project scope requests from sponsor. Weighed the feasibility to accommodate to the changes according to the project timeline.

Project Achievements

  • Ability to generate customer database for clients from 0 to 177
  • Ability to gather feedback for voucher redemption process from real users for UAT 3
  • Ability to improve voucher redemption process (survey results on ease of use of voucher redemption from an average of 3.75/5 to 4/5)

Project Management

Project Status

S/N Module Function/Features Completion Remarks
1 Admin Account Module Login/Logout 100% Completed
2 Reset password 100% Completed
3 Product Search Module Search Product from global search 100% Completed
4 Filter search by brand, condition, category 100% Completed
5 Campaign Management Module Create/Update/Delete campaign with vouchers 100% Completed
6 View total vouchers redeemed all time/per month/today 100% Completed
7 View average vouchers redeemed per month 100% Completed
8 Generate QR Code for voucher redemption 100% Completed
9 View Campaign details and status 100% Completed
10 Generate campaign report 100% Completed
11 Voucher Redemption Module Automated email to send personalised voucher 100% Completed
12 Redeem voucher 100% Completed
13 Automated thank you email 100% Completed
14 Customer Management Module View clinics 100% Completed
15 Add/Update clinics 100% Completed
16 Search clinics 100% Completed
17 Sort clinics in alphabetical order 100% Completed
18 Export patient emails to MailChimp mailing list 100% Completed
19 Export patient emails to CSV File 100% Completed
20 Select emails to export based on gender/product/age 100% Completed
21 Clinic Admin Module Register clinic information 100% Completed
22 Login/Logout 100% Completed
23 Reset password 100% Completed
24 Update clinic information 100% Completed
25 Generate campaign report 100% Completed
26 View number of vouchers redeemed per campaign by last 7 days/month/overall 100% Completed
27 View total vouchers redeemed all time/per month/today 100% Completed
28 View demographic info of patients age/gender per campaign 100% Completed
29 Analytics Module View number of vouchers redeemed per campaign by last 7 days/month/overall 100% Completed
30 View demographic info of patients age/gender per campaign 100% Completed
31 View dollar amount redeemed by clinics per campaign 100% Completed
32 View campaign leaderboard by top 5 clinics overall/per campaign/per product 100% Completed
33 View campaign performance (Growth/ROI) 100% Completed
34 Bootstrap monthly product sales 100% Completed
35 Website Google Analytics 100% Completed
36 Communication Module Send enquiry to admin (website) 100% Completed
37 Send testimonial to admin (website) 100% Completed
38 Clinic Locator Module View clinics per product 100% Completed
39 Tag clinic location to Google Maps 100% Completed
40 Campaign Search Module Search campaign 100% Completed
41 Filter by month/active/ended 100% Completed

Project Scope (Planned vs Actual)

Planned Project Scope


Actual Project Scope

Project Schedule (Planned vs Actual)

Planned Project Timeline
Enigma Project Timeline V1.JPG

Actual Project Timeline
Actual Project Timeline V3.PNG

Main Changes to Timeline

  • Bringing forward of Analytics Module from Sprint 8 to Sprint 5 to 7
  • Addition of Web Analytics Module into Sprint 7
  • Introduction of new feature for Customer Mgt Module - Notification of vouchers fully redeemed in Sprint 7
  • Changes made to campaign start date from 11 September to 21 September
  • Shifting of Campaign Search Module to Sprint 7
  • Addition of feature to select emails to export based on gender/product/age
  • Shifting of campaign performance module to Sprint 8

Project Metrics

The team is using Sprint Velocity, Sprint Burndown and Bug Metrics to ensure effective planning for our subsequent sprints. Each sprint is reviewed after completion and taken into consideration to gauge the number of tasks / story points the team can complete next sprint.


Enigma Sprint Velocity Sprint 7.png

Enigma Burndown Chart.png

Enigma Burn Down Chart Sprint 9.png

Enigma Task Metrics Title.png

Enigma Task Metric Sprint 7.png


Enigma Bug Metrics Sprint 7.png

Project Risks


Change Management

Enigma Project Change Management.JPG

Project Complexity

1. Changes in Voucher Redemption Flow
After analysing the business requirements of our sponsor, the voucher redemption process went through 2 rounds of revision to improve the efficiency and suitability of the process.


Process was not suitable because:

  • Requirement to download Aenon’s app to scan qr code posed as a resistance to redeeming the voucher
  • Aenon is not growing their customer database as no information from patients are collected

Process was inefficient because:

  • Clinic staff had to conduct manual work to keep their own record of vouchers redeemed


Process was suitable because:

  • Collected basic customer data such as email, age, gender
  • Did not need patients to specially download a Aenon's application

After getting feedback from real users, process was deemed inefficient because:

  • Clinic staff is still involved in the process took unnecessary time (even though they are not doing manual work of recording transactions)


Process was suitable because:

  • Maintains accountability for all vouchers redeemed for all campaigns
  • Collected basic customer data such as email, age, gender
  • Did not need patients to specially download a Aenon's application

Process was efficient because:

  • Removed clinic staff completely from the process

2. Password Encryption


EncryptText method was created by combining methods hexStringToByteArray and byteArrayToHexString which are existing methods found on the internet with our own codes that use Java api’s javax.crypto (SecretKeySpec and Cipher classes).

  • Before performing the encryption, we need a random key which we already pre-generated online and copied it into our application.
  • This random key is then converted to a byte array.
  • We then converted this byte array key to a secret key using SecretKeySpec with AES encryption defined as its algorithm.
  • A cipher object is then created using Cipher class that would implement AES Encryption and is used on the password to encrypt it.
  • The result is then converted and returned as a String.

3. Stacked Bar Charts (Chart.js)
Example below (Last 7 day performance of a clinic for a campaign):

  • Retrieve data of the performance of the clinic for a campaign for each day of the week
  • Place these values into integer arrays
  • Place arrays into JSONObject with related labels to be displayed for the charts.
  • JSONObjects are then stored in a JSONArray and sent to a javascript
  • Script will use dataset to display the data for the specific campaign of the clinic in the form of stacked bar charts

4. Campaign Performance
Initial Idea: Create campaign profitability predictor

  • Clinics involved in campaigns don't have sufficient past data to build a predictor on (as these clinics are new clinics for our clients)

Intermediate Idea: Allow portal user to get gauged profitability and breakeven point of a campaign based on input values.

  • Different clinics have different profit margins
  • Undesirable to our clients to share such sensitive information (i.e. profit margins)
  • Even if the programme did allow for the different profit margins to be entered, it would lead to increased manual work on the portal user's end.

Final Idea: Sales growth for clinics participating in campaign
Why the idea was accepted:

  • Did not require profit information (only needed sales information)
  • Did not require a lot of past data
  • Created a direct link between campaign and sales as Aenon did not perform other marketing efforts with the clinics involved in the campaign

Quality of product

Project Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Project Schedule
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Scope
Project X Factor
Project Technologies
Project Documentation Diagrams
Sprint Stories




User Acceptance Testing 1
Test Plan

  • Ensure that flow of website and voucher redemption process behaves as expected
  • Gather feedback regarding user experience and developed functions from real users
  • Proof of concept for voucher redemption process

Number of participants: 27 (17/27 respondents are from the pharmaceutical industry)
Date: 13-16 August 2017

Results/Key Findings for Website

  • Website (Ease of use): 4.15/5 (Goal: 4/5)
  • Website (Visually appealing): 3.89/5 (Goal: 4/5)

1. Some participants feel that the colour scheme of the website can be improved.
2. Some participants feel that the length of articles in the website is too long. Scrolling can be minimised.

Results/Key Findings for Voucher Redemption

  • Voucher (Ease of redemption): 3.74/5 (Goal: 4/5)
  • Voucher (Likeliness of using the process): 3.63/5 (Goal: 4/5)

1. Some participants feel that the voucher redemption process is too tedious.
2. Some participants feel that the involvement of clinic staff in the redemption process is unnecessary.

Future Actions
1. Improve colours and layout of the website to increase attractiveness and minimise scrolling.
2. Revise the voucher redemption process to remove/reduce the role of clinic receptionists in the voucher redemption process.

User Acceptance Testing 2
Test Plan

  • Gather feedback from users regarding usability of Aenon admin portal and clinic portal.

Participants: 4 Aenon employees and 4 clinic staff
Date: 25 September 2017

Aenon Admin Portal
Key Findings/Improvements to be made
1. 1/4 of participants felt that there was a need for a breakdown of the number of redemptions for each day
2. 1/4 of participants faced difficulty in navigating to the page where they can download the QR code
3. 1/4 of participants highlighted that the clinic name tagged to the QR code is useful

Clinic Admin Portal
Key Findings/Improvements to be made
1. 1/4 participants mentioned the graph in home page should indicate the promotional value
2. 1/4 participants were confused by the labelling of dates on “the last 7 days” bar chart
3. 2/4 participants highlighted that the total amount to reimbursed was clear and useful
4. All participants generally feel that the clinic portal is simple and user-friendly

User Acceptance Testing 3
Test Plan

  • Gather feedback from admin users regarding usability of Aenon admin portal.
  • Gather feedback from real campaign participants regarding user-friendliness of voucher redemption process.
  • Gather feedback from real campaign participants (patients) about usefulness and user experience of Aenon website.
  • Gather feedback from general public about usability and user experience of Aenon website.

Website: 10 participants are from the pharmaceutical industry, 10 participants are from the general public aged 30-60, 20 participants are SMU students
Voucher Redemption Process: Out of 177 voucher redeemers emailed, 6 responded
Aenon Admin Portal: 3 Aenon employees
Date: 6 - 19 November 2017

Key Findings/Improvements to be made

  • Participants confused with distributor's contact being on contact page instead of Aenon's contact (Accepted)
  • To have more images showing people using the products

Voucher Redemption
Key Findings/Improvements to be made

  • Redeem Now button in email is too small (Accepted)
  • Subsequent redemptions should have vouchers sent directly to the patient's email

Admin Portal
Key Findings/Improvements to be made

  • Campaign profitability information was unclear. (Accepted)
  • Unable to track the number of vouchers redeemed and the status of each campaign. (Accepted)
  • Leaderboard does not show action plan for Aenon when running campaigns. (Accepted)
  • In create campaign, allow 0 as an input amount for discount

Learning Outcome

Team Reflection

Team reflection enigma.PNG

Individual Reflection

Personal reflections one enigma.png
Personal reflections two enigma.png