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The team will take the following approach when a change is requested:

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Score Priority Action
0 Reject Inform client about rejection of change
1 Low Functions can be added to tertiary/good-to-have functions
2 Medium Discuss with client to rescope the project by reducing current functionalities to cater to the change
3 High To be included in project schedule immediately. PM to reschedule tasks.

Change description

Iteration Change Description Reason of Change Change Feasibility Priority Level Accepted/Rejected Status
5 Add glossary to the trade portal This is essential for teaching purposes so that the students understand the meaning and reason for each term and purpose. •Add JavaScript hover popups throughout the trade portal to explain terms. 3 Accepted Completed
8 Payment funds transfer and acknowledgement to be added. Integration of payment is important to reflect the real life trade finance process. This is necessary for teaching purposes •Make new Payment Advise and Acknowledgement web services.

•Integration of funds transfer and payment advise web services into the document presentation process

3 Accepted Completed
5 Tab to show comparison of messaging standards This will enhance the learning experience of students and make it easier for them to compare SWIFT and ISO messaging standards used by the banks. •Change IBM BPM gateway processes in order to include a tab to display SWIFT and ISO messages for comparison purposes 3 Accepted Completed
7 Add LC Dashboard tab for the Trade Portal Charts and graphs to give a visualization for different LCs applied and their statuses and to track import and export activities. This will enhance the usability of the portal. •Add a new tab to the portal and use Highcharts.js to make different charts and graphs. 3 Accepted Completed
9 Gamification of the functionalities on Trade Portal and Trade Operations To make the teaching process fun for the students and engage them better. This will also encourage them to come back and use the tool. It is a value added feature. •Keep track of points for each user

•Add questions in each functionality to give a score to each user based on his performance

2 Accepted Completed