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Schedule Arrangement

Our schedule has been divided into 3 main phases - Preparation, Development, Testing.

The Preparation Phase (start - end Dec 2011) is mainly a period for members to familiarise ourselves with the technologies used and set up the development environment. Also, a "bare bones" version of Drupal core will be deployed.

The Development Phase (start Jan - end Feb 2011) is the period for formal development will be done. During this period, members are expected to put in a total of 12 hours per week (1 full day given for distraction-less coding). Development would be done in 2 week sprints, with a new version of the INSG website deployed at the end of each sprint.

The Testing Phase (start Mar onwards) is the Testing and Development Buffer period. Although testing will be frequently in the developmental phase, it is during this period where more stringent testing (eg. bug testing, UI experiments with users, stress testing) will be conducted. This period is also made exceptionally long so as to allow the team to experiment and add more features that we are not originally comfortable with (eg. sign in via MSN Live, integration with main INSG site, port blog over to Drupal)

This document contains our Project Schedule: