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The metric aims to chart team’s progress in meeting at least 95% of the requirements set out by the client.



Types of UAT Conducted

  • Internal Testing
  • Client UAT

Internal Testing

This is done internally within the team where we will test each module based on the schedule. We perform testing in a overlay manner. For example, if we test product management module the first week. The subsequent testing, we will continue to test product management. This is to ensure integration and consistency of that module.

Results of our Internal Testings are shown:

Internal Test Case Fulfillment Score


Internal Fail Cases Summary


Internal Testing Files

There are 64 files tested over 10 dates. They can be downloaded as follows: Internal Testing File

Client UAT

External UAT is done 4 times with 1 final UAT all with client. Extensive internal testing is done to ensure that UAT with client will be delivered with the best quality and meet the needs of the client.

External UAT Fulfillment Score


External UAT Files

UAT with Clients File

Client Satisfaction Survey

After each UAT with client, the team will carry out a client satisfaction survey to gauge the satisfaction of the client. The results are as follows:



Ease of Usage.png

Display of Information.png

Workflow Design.png


Overall, the client is very satisfied with the content and system delivered to her. No major drops or decrease or unhappiness has been voiced out by the client.

Benefits We Found

  • UAT ensures that all business reuqirements, practice are fulfilled by our system
  • Help seek for greater client satisfaction of our collaboration
  • Visual guide that flags out easy breakable cases.
  • Gauge our client’s satisfaction with our service.

Evidence that UAT help maintain Quality of Project

From Screen shot 2010-11-26 at AM 12.04.53.png

To Screen shot 2010-11-26 at AM 12.05.02.png