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Project Introduction

Our team VizQ (Vision Quest) presents the ‘Performance Scorecard System for Enterprise Network Monitoring and Assessment’ proposal which involves designing a web based network performance scorecard for the Network Service Department, Standard Chartered Bank by using appropriate visual analytics techniques coupling with interfaces design best practices. The proposed system aims to provide the department a highly interactive data visualization tool to monitor and analyze the performance of their network traffic, especially softphone using selected key indicators such as MOS, Jitter, Latency and Packet Loss. With the system, network analysts not only will be able to visual the entire network system (even in a stream mode) but also drill down to a specific IP for detailed investigation.

This proposal report provides an overview of the system include application workflow, development timeline, project scope, design strategy, etc. This proposal will include the background of SCB, aims and benefits for SCB by creating an embedded system and a web application, we aim to help SCB (Network Services) offer a better network service of their softphone by providing an interactive visualizing tool for analysis and decision making support so as to better determine their softphone quality performance.

Knowing the VizQ Team


Team name: VizQ (Vision Quest)

Tag line: Not to just fulfill the basic requirements requested, but beyond their expectations.

Mission: To cater organization cutting-edge decision support systems personally to requests by using visual analytics techniques.

Team Members

Lee Siew Hui

  • School of Information Systems, 2007
  • sh.lee.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Role : Project Manager
  • 2nd role : User Acceptance Tester
  • Random stuff:
    • Fear: cockroaches
    • Fave: instant noodles (min 2x a week)

Bellina Lo

  • School of Information Systems, 2007
  • bellina.lo.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Role : Graphic Designer
  • 2nd role : User Acceptance Tester
  • Random stuff:
    • Fear: bullied by Beti/ Siew Hui
    • Fave: eat and eat and eat

Hoang My Hanh, Beti

  • School of Information Systems, 2007
  • mhhoang.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Role : The geek (*...ok i'm kidding. She's the Project Developer Leader...*)
  • 2nd role : Visualization Developer
  • Random stuff:
    • Hate: people who look down on other people, latecomers, etc
    • Fave: chubby people..(especially those like Belliiiii...), p.osh brownies, chocolate

Cao Dang Nhu Ngoc, Tracy

  • School of Information Systems, 2007
  • nn.caodang.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Role : Database Manager (*...but we prefer calling her Cleaning Manager. Haha =p *)
  • 2nd role : Visualization Developer
  • Random stuff:
    • Fear: unknown
    • interest: selling girls' outfit online, say "chicken"

Lim Qiuhui

  • School of Information Systems, 2007
  • qiuhui.lim.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Role : Business Process Analyst
  • 2nd role : Visualization Developer
  • Random stuff:
    • Fear: time constraints
    • Fave: working (busy..busy..busy)


(*...our lovely picture of 5 lovely members in lovely poses with lovely faces...(^__^)...*)


Project Client: Standard Chartered Bank

Project Sponsor: iLab

Supervisor: Li Yingjiu (Assistant Professor of Information Systems)

Representative from iLab: Ms Koh Lian Chee (Manager of iLab and SMU Instructor)

Representative from SCB: Ms Christine Tan Su Yong (Group Technology Officer, Standard Chartered Bank iLab)

Technology and Tools

  • Java
  • Java Script
  • NetBeans
  • Panopticon
  • Adobe Flex
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WAMP Server

Proposal Versioning History

Version Major changes made Authors
V1 Did a proposal on analyzing location for SCB to set up a branch in VietNam Siew Hui
V2 Added in a possibility of doing visualization tool together with location analysis Bellina
V3 Changed our direction from location analysis to visualization tool, added in process detail, change in technology used Bellina
V4 Nicely formatted and added in Section 4 (Overview of Panopticon Tools) Beti
V5 Inserted versioning Bellina
V6 Added in some major information Beti
V7 Fixed some layout and added some comments Bellina
V8 Changes some contents and delete unnecessary information Beti
V9 Finish project scope for all 3 modules Beti
V10 Add in development phases, change Technology and Tools Beti
V11 Edit and Update the arrange of the information the proposal Qiuhui
V12 Added general scope (part 9.1),edit current issue and Dealing with real and streamed data, change development phases and processes and risk analysis part, removed some comments and made the proposal flow better Bellina, Beti, Qiuhui, Siew Hui
V13 Changed the project scope for the proposal, added Project Team Organization section and edited the proposal based on Instructor’s feedback Bellina
V14 Edited the format of the proposal Bellina, Beti
V15 Edited the Technology and Tool Section Tracy
V16 Edited the project scope details, edit Gantt chart, added in use case diagram descriptions, added in design strategy. Siew Hui, Bellina, Qiuhui
V17 Edit risk, team organization. Add in Reference and Source Beti
V18 Edited Use Case and added in Screenshots Bellina
V19 Edited Current Issues, Proposed Strategy, Project Scope, Use Cases, Risk, Tools, Gantt Chart and added in Learning outcomes ALL
V20 Edited Use Case Diagram, Use Case Description, Team Organization, Introduction and the format of the whole document Beti
V21 Added Screenshots of User Interface Bellina
V22 Edited Learning Outcomes, Overall Project Plan Map description, Use Case Descriptions Siew Hui
V23 Final edit (* ...too many things that we edited, so we decided to censor all and place it as Final Edit. Hahaha =D... *) ALL

Our Diary

July 2009

  • Form team with 5 members (* ...all wonder girls....*)
  • Discussions with client from SCB and profs from iLab about the project requirements
  • Define the project area and Project scope
  • Define 3 different modules that the project should focus on
  • Determine the programming language that should be used
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities to each member (*...we have two different end roles: Cleaning Manager and Designer (UI)...*)
  • Begin writing the proposal

August 2009

  • Have prof Yingjiu as our supervisor
  • Decide that we should focus on 1 module and extend the scope instead of doing so many modules but none of them are crucial enough
  • Come up with Use Case and Map of Project Plan
  • Edit and add in more information to the proposal
  • Will have some plan to meet for FYP every weekend and will punish people who come late for meeting (*...those who are always late will have to treat all members either dinner or lunch and/or drinks...*)
  • School year starts, so from now on we will write diary in weekly basis.

Week 1

  • Finalize Use Case Diagram and Use Case Description
  • Finalize the map of Project Plan
  • Proposal submission
  • All members, except PM, attended FYP on Tuesday
  • Create powerpoint slides about the project to present to SCB clients on Thursday
  • Presentation to representative from Networking Department of SCB, the end result is very good. Clients are very interested in the project and ask many questions
  • Writing technical specification

Week 2

  • Finalize System Diagrams: Use Case, Domain Model, Class Diagram, SSD
  • Update Gantt Chart
  • Finish the Technical Specification - System Diagrams
  • Finish Data Preparation phase: Iteration 1, Iteration 2, In process of finishing iteration 3
  • Learn how to conduct the application development phase, which mainly focuses on data visualization and display analysis
  • Investigating other visualization tools to find out which is the most suitable one to implement on the web application and fit the customer's requirements

Week 3 & 4

  • Trying to solve our visualization tool's problem of integrating the jar files into our own web application
  • Exploring Adobe Flex as an alternative visualization method since it provides more interactive functionality and more adaptable to client side
  • Adapt Juice Kit SDK to code data visualization phase in Flex. Each member handles 1 type of visualization:
    • Bell for Treemap,
    • Tracy for scatter plot and correlation diagram,
    • Siew Hui for Bar Graph and
    • Qiuhui for database connection (MySQL and Flex).
  • Beti is in charge of ETL... (*...i thought we call it Data Laundry Machine??...*)
  • Enhance ETL Process by adding more functionality such as : Recovery, View Log, Add User,Delete User. (as proposed by clients)
  • Finish UI Design for the ETL process

Week 5

  • Proposed UI to client and received feedback from Ivan (*...the real end-user/client hasn't replied us...*)
  • Beti to complete and implement the changes proposed by SCB
  • Bell to "clean" the codes and implement the UI (made changes according to Ivan's suggestion). Also, to play with treemap in Flex (*...found lots of inconsistency...*)
  • On the verge of breaking down as both the visualization tools that we have tried is not working according how we wanted it. Talked to our supervisor and reach an enlightenment/ agreement.
  • Finalize meeting time among the group
  • Managed to publish our work on localhost. ("EUREKA!")
  • Completed 80% the Data Laundry Phase (with the new UI and suggestion provided by client)
  • Update to client about our status
  • Prepare for the mid term reflection report due in week 7

Week 6

  • The group decided to migrate the whole data visualization to Flex due to it's interactivity, compatibility and adaptability (*....after a long long time struggling in learning and testing of both visualization tools, gotta catch up for the time loss. GAMBATE!!...*)
  • Beti has done the first visualization in treemap (using JuiceKit's library) integrated with our own data (*...YAY! can drink orange juice! LOL...*)
  • QH has figured out the way to connect MySQL and Adobe Flex
  • Tracy is still testing out the bar chart and pie chart with data grid (*...managed to view successfully little changes need to be made...*)
  • Trying to make use of OLAP cube in flex to implement data drill down function
  • Finalize the schedule and venue for final presentation
  • Finishing the mid term reflection report soon
  • Milestones:
    • Submit Mid Term Reflection
    • Submit Progress Report to iLab

Week 7

  • Update client on our status

Week 8

(*...code all the way.........*)

  • Stayed over at Siew Hui's house on Wednesday:
    • Bell: cleaning ETL and a little on UI
    • Tracy & Qiuhui: finding way to make the graphs real-time
    • Siew Hui: UAT & pair-programming with Bell
    • Beti: Java-script validations
  • Bell & QH attended IP Scan workshop on Friday
  • compile with lots of error

Week 9

  • Update client on our status

Week 10

  • Trying to debug all current errors before proceed to other parts
  • compile with lesser errors than last week
  • still struggling in learning Flex since we want to make our application really useful and impressive....

Week 11

  • Beti sprained her left ankle, her left eye was swollen and her left arm can't move much T_________T (basically, half her body can't move...)
  • Sleepover at Bell's house (except Beti) to finish up individual parts: (we have pizza, brownies, cookies and more instant noodles... seriously, we are gaining weight day by day and it is caused by FYP)
    • Bell: UI and ETL process
    • Tracy: make the treemap connection work
    • Siew Hui: IP Scan (continued from where QH left off)
    • Qiuhui: make bubble chart work
    • Beti: resizing treemap and use pop-up box
  • Update client on our status
  • Milestones:
    • Submit IP Scan Report
    • Submit Progress Report to iLab

Week 12

  • Milestones
    • UAT
    • Poster (to iLab)

Week 13

  • Update client on our status
  • Conduct the 1st UAT --> failed...... :( :(....because we did not prepare carefully.....

Week 14

  • Stay over in school 3 times to make all necessary changes recommended by client in the 1st UAT (*...we also eat and sleep a lot coz we were so tired at that time.....*)
  • Conduct the 2nd UAT (*...pheeeewwwww....this time the UAT was successfully completed..*)
  • Trying to find out the way to take in ALL changes suggested by client
    • Tracy: make the benchmark in barchart work
    • Siew Hui: make the power point slides for Final Presentation
    • Qiuhui: make bubble chart and pie chart work with filters
    • Beti: customize the whole treemap, correlation matrix as well as add in validation in flex and optimize loading time
  • Update client on our status

Week 15

  • Milestone:
    • Presentation (23rd Nov 2009, 2pm) @ SIS MR 4-6
  • The presentation went very well and we are so happy about it

Week 16

  • Milestone:
    • Final Report submission
    • Sponsor Evaluation submission
    • Project Per Evaluation submission
    • Final Deliverables submission ( in disc)
    • Preparation for FYP Poster Faire (configure server to deploy our application)

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