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Team Andorra

Andorra is a prosperous country with its people having the highest human life expectancy in the world.

Indeed, an apt name which conforms to our team's vision statements - To cooperate as one, to strive for excellence in every aspect of the project and embrace every challenge that comes along our way!

Team Andorra is made up of Arizki, Made, Tamma, Adrian and Kimberley

Faculty Supervisor: Kevin Steppe

Project Overview

Project Description

The objective of the project is to build a web analytics system which analyzes customers’ behaviors in the wholesale Banking site. Through the use of web-based analytics, the Bank will be able to transform raw web data into valuable business information. This will help refine the bank’s marketing and service strategies to its customers.

The project involves understanding interactions between web visitor behaviors and website contents, which may be analyzed from data generated through script capturing visitors’ activities when visiting the website.

Benefits for the Bank

Benefits for SCB will include the following:

  • Improving the wholesale banking site performance
  • Contribution to the overall understanding of customers and channels
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Allow enhancement of user experience

Project Objectives

We aim to build a web analytics system (Andorra Analytics) which will replace Omniture as a means to gather and monitor web traffics for customer relationship management purposes.

Project Scope

Andorra Analytics will be developed to be a great alternative to Omniture. The features are listed below:

  • It consists of a tracking feature - which will capture a user’s activity on the wholesale banking website.
  • The trafficked data will be stored in the bank’s server - allowing the bank to maintain ownership of data collected.
  • The application will offer the standard metrics that Omniture offers, such as generation of hits, rich media analysis and path analysis, to name a few examples (Refer to Use cases below for more information)
  • A mock-up portal will be set up to demonstrate features of the application - for testing purposes, to ensure the accuracy of analysis

Mission Statements

  • Accurately and Effectively Analyze data

The application and database structure will be developed to deliver relevant, accurate and detailed analysis to assist the bank in their web site traffic monitoring.

  • Application aligned with Bank’s Business Objective

With the proposed application, the bank will be able to turn raw web data into valuable business information. Through the analysis, the bank will also recognize hidden patterns within the data and discover relationships between the data elements which will refine the bank’s business strategy and maximize returns.

  • Flexible Application

A flexible application will be able to measure and help the bank in improving its Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The bank will at times have its own KPI that they wish to measure and improve. The web analytics system will have to be able to cater to the proposed KPIs.

Project Plan

In summary there are four major implementations to the project. They are listed as follows:

 Capturing of data (Deployment of tracking beacon)

 Inserting captured data into database

 Querying data (Data Analysis)

 Development of Web Portal

Project Plan.jpg

Use Cases

The diagram displays the use cases for Andorra Analytics:

Use Cases1.jpg

Project Milestones

We have categorized our development project into 2 major phases as shown.


  • Phase 1 – System Design & UI Design and Partial Completion of Use Cases

This initial phase takes into the account the designing of the system to deliver the requirements and use cases as specified in the project scope. This phase will include the description of the structure and features of the files, the database as establishing links between various parts of the tool. Use Cases developed in this phase will also be integrated with the portal and tested.

  • Phase 2 – Completion of remaining use cases, Bug Testing

During phase 2 of the project, the team will look into completing the remaining use cases of the application. The completed use cases will also be integrated with the portal and reviewed. Bug Testing will also take place in this phase.

  • User Acceptance Test and Feedback

Following the completion of Phases 1 and 2, User Acceptance test will take place. After the test, feedback will be collated and the team will work on refining the final product before the final presentation to the business client.


Group Meetings

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Meeting with Client and Supervisor

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Progress Check

The progress check of the team will be constantly updated as the team inches towards the date of completion.

File:Project Schedule Status.docx

Planned VS Completed

  • Updated on 19th October 2009*

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