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Week 4

  1. Use cases done
  2. Do a feature tasks (timeline in graphical form)

Week 6

  1. Sprint 1
  2. Finalize proposal

FYP with Prof Ben Meeting Minutes

Progress Report to FYP Supervisor – Professor Ben Gan
Chung Yu
Professor Ben Gan, Kelvin, Chung Yu, Wilson, Calvin

Agenda topics TOPIC Draft Proposal Review DISCUSSION Infrastructure

  • To correct part IV, Infrastructure.

Project Timeline

  • Redo Timeline in Excel format as Project cannot clearly display details of timeline.

References and Explore X-Factor

  • To include references and resources in proposal.
  • To explore possible functions that creates the X-factor for the project.

Stake Holder Analysis

  • To add non user group.

Task List

  • To add all tasks lists to appendix.
  • To complete respective task list.


  1. Redo of timeline Chung Yu
  2. Reference and explore X-factor Kelvin
  3. Correct Part IV, Infrastructure Calvin
  4. Add non user group in Stake Holder Analysis Wilson
  5. Add Tasks lists to appendix Chung Yu
  6. Complete respective task list Calvin

Project Management
* Update Wiki with what we aim to do for next week and update what we done for the past week.

  • Upload and convert all minutes to the wiki


  1. Update and upload minutes to wiki Calvin

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:38, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

Week 7

FYP with Prof Ben Meeting Minutes' MINUTES SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 1400 - 1445

Progress Report to FYP Supervisor – Professor Ben Gan
Chung Yu

Professor Ben Gan, Kelvin, Chung Yu, Wilson, Calvin

Agenda topics TOPIC Updates DISCUSSION IP Rights

  • Since there is no written contract to determine IP Rights of the product, it is not sure at the moment who owns the IP Right.
  • In the worst scenario, might need to change project.
  • Learning how to deal with IP would be a good learning experience


  • Reverse engineering modules might waste a lot of time. We can try to customize the modules to as close to Paul’s requirement as possible. However, if he insists, we might need to compromise on the requirements to accomplish it.
  • If reverse engineering is too difficult, then might need to build modules from scratch.
  • Prof Ben suggests to find the Singapore PHP Usergroup for help.
  • Prof Ben will email Yeow Leong to ask about the user group.
  • In the worst case scenario, might need to change Drupal for another tool.


  1. Clarify with Paul with regards to IP Rights to the product. All
  2. Email Yeow Leong with regards to PHP User group. Prof Ben

TOPIC Project Proposal DISCUSSION * Update priority.

  • Put all use cases into an appendix.


  1. Update and upload minutes to wiki Calvin
  2. Update proposal Wilson

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:39, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

Week 8 Change Management

FYP with Prof Ben Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 06, 2008 1400 - 1445 PROF BEN’S OFFICE

Progress Report to FYP Supervisor – Professor Ben Gan
Chung Yu
Professor Ben Gan, Kelvin, Chung Yu, Wilson, Calvin

Agenda topics TOPIC' Decision to Change Tools (Drupal to Joomla) DISCUSSION Main Concerns of Drupal

  • Very difficult to customize (Easier to code modules from scratch).
  • Might need to change schedule because unable to meet deadline.


  • Cut down requirements. Only development the online Shopping platform.
  • Use Joomla (Components are in MVS so it will be easier to customize).

'Concerns of Alternatives

  • In the worst case scenario, we might have to change project.


  1. Talk to Paul on the possibility to change platform All

TOPIC Comments From Prof Ben DISCUSSION Project Requirements

  • Do not cut down requirements as yet. Just leave the lower priority features to the last phase of development. Only drop requirements if cannot finish.
  • Tell Paul not to worry about designs first. We will focus on the functional features and user interface and time taking features.
  • Update proposal with priority and send to Prof Ben.
  • Managing clients is a big part of learning.


  1. Update proposal Wilson

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:39, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

Week 9

FYP with iforce Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 10, 2008 1100 - 1145 IFORCE OFFICE

Project Updates
Song Ru
Paul, Kelvin, Song Ru, Wilson, Calvin

Agenda topics TOPIC Project Tools Review DISCUSSION Will have to switch to Joomla due to:

  • Drupal too unstable due to cron (Auto Update mechanism) and steep learning curve.
  • Codes in Joomla are more organized due to the MVC (Model – View - Controller) it uses. As such, easier in terms of customizing.
  • In the worst case scenario, we might have to code the entire platform from scratch.


  1. Familiarize with Joomla All 20th Oct 2008
  2. Review project plan and re-plan sprints All 20th Oct 2008

TOPIC Proposal Feature Suggestions DISCUSSION New Features Recommended by Paul

  • To use qualitative rather than quantitative questions for voting (e.g. This shirt is good, I’ll buy it! And No, I’ll not buy it.)
  • Click counter for individual shirts so that marketing know which shirt is most viewed.
  • Possible to have promotion / implicit search based on the counter results.

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:37, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

week 10

FYP with iforce Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 20, 2008 1100 - 1145 IFORCE OFFICE

Project Updates, Scoping and Requirements
Song Ru
Paul, Kelvin, Song Ru, Wilson, Calvin

Agenda topics
Project Features Requirement
User Management:

  • CRUD of users

Designer Management:

  • Prints will be associated to a type of t-shirts I.e. if 1 design is for t-shirt, will only be for t-shirt. Won’t be for jacket.
  • Designers won’t have a say as to where the design will be printed on the shirt i.e. front or back.
  • When user submitted design, approval is auto. Design should be shown in his profile instantly. But need to inform administrator (via email with the image as attachment) so that he can go and view the image to see if it is appropriate. If it is not, the administrator can then remove the image.
  • Might need to check on the size of image and crop to scale. E.g. max size 5mb. Look for Joomla image toolkit for cropping image. If it cannot work, can just prompt user that image is too big.


  • Design competition will be activated according to the client. There should be regular competitions.
  • Votes options should be something refreshing (e.g. this is hot! I’ll buy it!) since there should be youngsters frequenting the site.
  • Need to find a statistic extension. E.g. if there is a winner, but somehow the 5th image has the most number of views, can consider about it.
  • If voting ends, voting history will not be shown. And the image will be removed from the designer community.


  • 4 administrator types – Content Administrator, Payment Administrator, User/Site Administrator and Inventory Administrator
  • Email address for each individual account. And user email address as username

Inventory Administrator / Store Management:

  • Inventory administrator (will need to go in and update inventory through website) will work on minimum batch size. If inventory hits a certain level, need to notify inventory administrator for decision to whether purchase or not.
  • Need to cater for multiple color but initially only 1 color.
  • Each shirt can come from a different supplier
  • 1 product item = 1 t-shirt color + 1 t-shirt type + 1 design
  • No need to have list of suppliers but need to specify suppliers for the specific product. 1 product can have multiple suppliers in case this supplier cannot handle the order.
  • Might need to record delivery dates for inventory administrator to better calculate forecasting for inventory

Order Management:

  • Payment will be by credit card (Manual task, when received an order, Payment Administrator will call the bank to verify the credit card.)
  • Discounts for bulk purchase? They will have certain offers from time to time e.g. this shirt is only $10 instead of $15. For bulk purchase, can be computed in the payment process e.g. 10% for 100 t-shirt purchase.
  • Need to send payment details to user via email like ebay with order ID to verify in case customer got problem.


  • There will be emails sent to certain users according to their profile. E.g. get 10% discount within 5 days from this email! For promotions and marketing strategy, Paul will check with client and get back to us.
  • Client intent to implement automated marketing campaign. Some statistics extension might be useful.
  • If this product has this amount of inventory for this number of days, automate the promotion for this product. E.g. stock clearance.

Advice from paul:

  • Rearrange this requirement to features then breakdown depending on teams’ commitment.
  • Complete section of the top priority of the prototype as there will be a prototype presentation to the client in Nov or Dec.


  1. Complete Story Board (Front end and Back end) aedion 24th Oct 2008
  2. Check with client for details of promotions Paul

--Calvin.goh.2006 06:10, 24 October 2008 (UTC)

week 11

Competition generator – ability to generate competitions

a. Cater for comp title, comp theme

b. Invitations will be sent to email addresses:

  i.List of subscribers
  ii. List of all subscribed members in the site
  iii. Maintain an exclusion list (this is a list where people have opted out of email notifications)

c. Competiton will have a specified end date

d. A forum category will automatically be created for the competition (based on title and theme) --Calvin.goh.2006 10:39, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

week 12

1. Preference ranking system: it works like this, the site takes the top 20% of shirts (in evaluation) and runs them comparatively against each other (e.g. shirtA versus ShirtB) and then tallies the clicks over time, so each shirt that 'wins' versus the other gets 1 point and the losing shirt gets a -1. this method will allow us to see how each shirt compares to the others (coz scoring can be rather subjective). so after a while you will have a list of shirts that can be prioritized by preference (not only a score).

a. On the front page there will be always two shirts being compared

b. There will be a compare page that will list all the (top 20%) of shirts (in evaluation) against each other

2. The ranking is qualitative, users can select 5 statements to vote on a shirt:

a. Wow, I would totally wear that! (100 points)

b. Cool, I like it! (75 points)

c. It’s OK (50 points)

d. Don’t like it (25 points)

e. Not in a million years (0 points) --Calvin.goh.2006 10:43, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

week 13 - week 15

Exam Break --Calvin.goh.2006 10:50, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

week 16

Demonstration Scenarios for client

   * Mockup look and feel of the website and site map
   * Purchasing cycle: from selecting a tee (size etc) to payment processing
   * Generation of shipping slip 
   * Creation of new design competition
   * Submission of new design by designer
   * Designer showcase/blog (layout)
   * Creating of new product (image resizing, tshirt reflected on the website)
   * t-shirt voting (both score and comparative features)
   * Summary of all AJAX related behaviour

--Calvin.goh.2006 06:19, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

week 17

Requirement changes

New Collaboration site http://sites.google.com/site/tshirtcollab/Home

Meet up with client on 19th Dec

term 2 week 0

to do

  1. Update wiki with minutes of last 2 meetings (paul/sophie)
  2. Start mid report with schedule of tasks till presentation (feb 25) list the milestones (jan 14, Feb 4 and feb 18 UAT) and talk about customization work done to Joomla.
  3. Prepare for Jan 14 UAT with client (presentation should include schedule, what was requested in last UAT)

--Calvin.goh.2006 06:19, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Meeting with Paul

  1. Purchasing Cycle:
  2. Ajax – mouse over function at the front page
  3. Language plug-in * add into feature list
  4. Checkout – no clear indication *give another checkout link that lead directly to checkout
  5. Show cart page – checkout is not prominent
  6. Registration prompt should be pop out
  7. Error message – clearer instructions on what to do
  8. Login Icon – words of password and username to be indicated *tool tip to be included
  9. During the checkout process:
  10. Product details should be remove at the point it reaches shipping method
  11. Specific information at specific steps of checking out
  12. Title of checkout change to specific steps
  13. Shipping methods
  14. Order_id is generated by virtue mart * email will be generated for consumer keep sake purpose
  15. Order no. generated for future referencing to be display upon confirmation
  16. Position of the shopping cart logo to be moved to the top bar so to release more space
  17. Zoom function : the zoom square to be smaller
  18. Designers showcase:
  19. Shopping cart to be remove from the designers showcase
  20. Submit picture with agreement of copyrights
  21. Agreement to be assumed at this point
  22. Notification of email functions when image is banned with reasons
  1. Information overflow in each page, making it cleaner and keeping only relevant information in each #page.

  1. Competition Management
  2. Email to all subscribers – check box to be included in the backend
#Change of title to competition manager 
  1. Virtue Mart (backend)
  2. Third image for zooming
  3. Guide users on administration functions *tool tips
  4. Training video - tutorial link
  5. Organised UAT phrase
  6. - Feedbacks
  7. - Identify target clients for interface outlook
  8. - Upload to youtube the scenario testing process today
  9. - Create issue page – tasks and progress chart
  10. - Online help, tool tips and tutorial *software from iForce
  11. - Server request * tang ke jie

--Calvin.goh.2006 00:51, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

Meeting with Sponsor's Client

  1. Product Catalog
  2. Store and design gallery – swap position
  3. Once design is seen, should be purchase easily... design should be with people wearing it.
  4. Store title changed to something else i.e. Shop here, start shopping
  5. Registration Form
  6. Country Option list – Singapore as default*
  7. User Profile / Designers showcase
  8. Recently viewed – last 10
  9. Dimension of designs to be made know to subscribers
  10. FORUM to be confirmed
  11. Competition


  1. Purchasing Cycle
  2. Category classifications
  3. Mouse over function to show price
  4. Zoom in functions on person wearing the shirt * Espirit
  5. Out of Stock announcement in shopping cart
  6. Retaining of cart information if window is closed accidentally – YES
  7. Payment – Paypal (process of paypal)
  8. Process for paul and client to confirm
  9. Warning – Cart information on the top menu of front page (prominent) * a button to discard pending cart
  10. Feedback for purchasing process
  11. Successful rate of the click in – checkout to purchase
  12. Add to mailing list for promotions
  13. Discount for purchase more than a certain amount
  14. Link to profile and creator name to be added at product detail page
  15. Compatibility – USER acceptance test
  16. Running on MAC browser
  17. Online Sales Strategy
  18. Interactive banner (promotion) – people posing and mouse over to see details
  19. UI

• Too simple • Bookmark this website • Youth • Targeted age group 15 to 40 • Simple in easy navigation

Week 1 (Meeting with Prof Ben)

  1. Recording Requirements
  2. Tell client No of UAT ( 3 - 14Jan, 4Feb , 18Feb )
  3. Capture all changes to quantify how much we change
  4. Show full schedule for client
  5. Let client know about the ending date 25th Feb
  6. Stakeholder Management
  7. Manage input and requirement

--Calvin.goh.2006 01:05, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

Week 2 - Demo 2

Attendees:Prof Ben, Paul, Sophie
Venue:SIS NSR 3.2


  1. Add New Product:Select Designer Id, User Name should be shown
  2. Add New Product:Color and Size Attribute selection
  3. Add New Product:Child Items inherit parent item images
  4. Zoom Limit, Configuration page to change zoom limit
  5. Product Detail Page: Have a pop up instead of another page. Similar to add to cart
  6. Recently Viewed VM:No need to save in Database, just use information stored in Session
  7. Automatic translation and conversion of language and currency base on IP address of viewer location
  8. Label Printer: Do not have to be PDF file, Can be a CSV
  9. Search field beside topmenu
  10. Naming of E-Shop to Catalog
  11. Categories to have shirt categories such as vintage and animal
  12. Product catalogue to have the same layout as Frontpage
  13. Recently viewed, favourites designs tabs to have designer’s name
  14. Design Gallery: Ratings to beside image in detail view
  15. Design Gallery: add to Favorites star to change to text
  16. Once Design is in Production, the design should have a link in design detail view to product detail view
  17. Shopping Cart and Banner at the top
  18. Design Gallery have public viewing to detail view, except giving comments and rating

week 3

updates of issue on google sites

week 4

CNY celebration

week 5

Training session with Sophie Issues list with admin

  1. virtue mart to keep track indivdual user transaction history(SR)
  2. Image fading bug for 2 or more images- change the image id from 3 to 2(Calvin)
  3. total dollar value saved in a history table for inventory management(SR)
  4. remove avatar from front page(calvin)
  5. email script in cb user manager(kelvin)
  6. Mass print label(kelvin)
  7. FAQ page (all)
  8. centralise the price and designer
  9. mouseover tag should be name of pictures
  10. template change the banner
  11. Mac with firefox problem
  12. white spaces below the front page (template)
  13. each image to be the real image size instead of stretching it to fit the page. Front page
  14. competition need to have an additional date to announce the results to the members

week 6

Meeting with Paul Lim on 10th Feb 2008

  1. Transferring to bluehost -> DB upload
  2. Threading
  3. Update of video
  4. Priority list- approximate effort
  5. Component purchase list
  6. 18th Feb is presentation to client
  7. 24th Final Presentation in school

--Calvin.goh.2006 09:11, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

week 7

Meeting with Sophie and Paul

  1. frontpage tooltip(med)
  2. Load picture time(high)
  3. Advance search issues(take down)(low)
  4. faster video(high)
  5. search and shopping cart below top menu(high)
  6. delete item parent product image gone (bug)(high)
  7. product catalog(mid)
  • last meeting with client
  • Thurs 190209
  • Meeting with Prof Ben
  1. Preparation for final presentation
  2. Rough outline for presentation

--Calvin.goh.2006 13:55, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

week 8

Final presentation with Paul,Ben,Sophie,Baihua,Kevin Steppe and Li Ying Jiu

  • Date: 24th Feb 09,Venue MR 4.4
  • comment for presentation
  1. overshot of timing
  2. fail to show what has been done (before and after look)
  • wrapping up issues

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:40, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

week 9

Wrapping up 1 with Paul

  • Date:3rd Mar 09, Venue Paul's office
  1. Start / End Prefix comments in code for all customize parts
  2. Module header- describe what the code does and developed by
  3. Describe the function of each Php files.

--Calvin.goh.2006 17:40, 3 March 2009 (UTC)