2010T1 The Green Reapers: Communication with client

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good tool for retrieving articles/information

doubtful whether it is effective for the farmers (text to speech)

exp on the use of the rice knowledge bank cannot target the farmers directly, can only ask for the help of the extension workers to dleiver the knowledge tehy have to the farmers

this whole tool is to short circuited the whole thing

to cut out the middle man--> what would be required is an efficient --> they tried our ivr skype connection --> extremely impressed having enabled to put ivr onto skype --> that's a good piece of sw that they may actually want to pick up for work an additional

--> quality of the text to speech disappointing. use the female voice! very bland and robotic, very hard to concentrate. also put the emphasis on things wrongly. what you might wanna investigate is whether you can have recordings instead of text to speech.

what is intersting would be if you guys have looked at the nms and the ivr version, if you guys are interested to develop that with us. a version of the nms on skype, got world life benefit for anybody that uses skype. if we do that, they would very much think they need to use TTS

another dilemma is at the end of the NMS, IVR, they generate an advice, and they currently serve that advice as a text message to the farmer, is it possible to deliver it as a CHAT to the farmer. skype has voice/chat and they want to deliver a generated piece of text to the chat window. what they might wanna investigate is the option where they work together on the scripting, or sending the paramters on the entire session that is ready, send it to the web server that runs the mobile, the webserver rreturns a string that is presented to the user in a chat window.

it can ve start of something wreally nice, if you think abt it in the extended part of it. if you are able to serve videos it would be very interesting. the video is sent to the user using SKYPE! wtf

in future, for example, the currnet ver of the rice doctor/rice cerial knwoledge bank, you could use the images. display picutre A or picture B in the video stream

they have a public account --> free to use any of them

scripting they want our

for particular kinds of knowledge, what we are doing is very cool.

it is the level of the content but rather not the kind of content. actually their content for farmer should be even more simplified..

ask them for the materials for farmers and more technical materials for extension farmers

send an email to us

quality of the voice!!!! do something about that do testing on the voice response.

they looked at the analytics feature and it would be quite useful --> very useful after lots of usage data from the ivr --> very obvious ways to find ivr scripts --> they will be able to share with us once they ivr is more use THEY WILL SHARE WITH US!!!!!!!!

they will filter out phone numbers

they have a contract with a vendor to handle the asterix part --> it is much cheaper to outsource it. -->they can deploy their own content

sthey would be very interested in searching by TAGS,

1) multi lang support - they have partners National institute of RICE--> manual translations --> macHINe translation --> absolutely fail

2) it is extremely important to do this sort of things with spoken text, you need to test it all the time. google translation lousy

3) have