2007-2008 Term 3

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Team Project Members Sponsor Description
FSK Online Delivery System
  1. Kris Kong Min Wee
  2. Sheryl Soh Xue Le
  3. Ferlina Ho Jing Min
D3 Express Pte Ltd Project Motivation Our client is currently expanding the logistics business, increasing the number of delivery vans by double. The motivation of this project is to create a web based logistic system that can support the company’s new business process. Sponsor/ Client Name: D3 Express Pte. Ltd. Address: 4001 Depot Lane #01-10 Singapore 109755 RCB Number: Sponsor Brief A local SME that provides courier services to companies and consumers in Singapore. Problem As D3 Express is a relatively new company, they started out making use of forms to handle delivery as well as manage employee’s delivery schedule. The usage of forms made such recording of data inaccurate and inflexible. D3 Express thus faces problems of time inefficiency when the administrator had to search through the files for information needed manually. At times, the lost of data might occurred should these paperwork be misplaced. D3 Express is currently hiring temporary administrative stuff and staff turnover is relatively high. These temporary staffs are often inexperienced and many discrepancies haven been observed in the business process. One such example is the management of their company’s drivers. Previously, the driver’s trip details their particulars are recorded in Excel spreadsheet manually. As the staff turnover rate is high, different administrator will have different recoding style which leads to very messy data collection. D3 Express also faces billing problems. At the end of the month, D3 Express will send out the calculated bill to each individual client. As delivery information is filed, the administrator has to search through the huge amount of paper work for a particular client before getting down to calculate the bill manually. This results in time inefficiency and the plausibility of error propagation during calculation. Therefore, there is a need for them to implement a new system robust enough to handle the new processes and automate them as much as possible. Coupled with the possibility of expansion, D3 Express needs to implement a new system robust enough to handle and manage the new and existing processes and automate them as much as possible. D3 Express thus faced the need to eliminate this tedious paper-based workload in order to become more proficient and well-organized. Value Statement After the implementation of this project, the company would be able to cut down the extra overheads required to support the new processes. We also believe that this application will improve the overall efficiency of the daily operations.