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NOTE: The Digital Media Across Asia wiki projected has concluded. The following pages include updates from 2011 and 2012, but nothing beyond that point. The project has concluded for two reasons. First, the wiki began in 2007 and at a time when there was no single go-to destination for reliable data about digital growth and developments in Asia. Many organizations now provide that information. Second, Prof. Netzley is now working with executive development programmes.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this project since 2007.

                                                       - Prof. Michael Netzley

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive wiki dedicated to digital media throughout Asia. This wiki is our humble attempt to serve the PR & marketing community by 'curating'Asia-specific content in one easy-to-use location.

In 2007, students at 'Singapore Management University' created this wiki and updated the content twice a year. The original 'Digital Media Across Asia wiki' covered most major markets in greater Asia and attracted 7000+ unique visitors per month. Not bad for a small university project using, for the first time, social media to enrich classroom learning. And while initially focused on 'social media'(sometimes called 'Web 2.0'), the site now discusses almost anything useful to readers like you...professional communicators and fans of everything digital.

Our mission became clearer in 2008 when a Swedish PR professional working in China contacted 'Prof. Netzley' and requested information about the South Korea market. Where could he find such information? The wiki! This request became the project's central organizing principle and we hope the wiki proves useful to all the real and metaphorical Swedish professionals living in country X and studying market Y.

In 2011 we started rebuilding on a Mediawiki platform. We want to create a more media-rich and user-friendly experience. During Q3 we will be embedding video, audio podcasts, RSS feeds, infographics, and more, making it easier for your to use these pages.

Whether you are interested in social media in Asia or South Korea, social networking in Indonesia on Hong Kong, Internet filtering in China or Australia, mobile social networking in Singapore or Japan, or emerging markets such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand...we hope this wiki helps you find the information you need.

So Why a Digital Media Wiki?

Edublog Nominee 2008
'Asia' is truly amazing. Here you will find more than 2000 spoken languages and political models ranging from monarchies to democracies to authoritarian regimes. Incredible wealth and unforgiving poverty are part of the mix, as are numerous religious traditions. For communication professionals this stunning diversity translates into highly 'fragmented markets'. Each market has different languages, media preferences, consumer behaviors, infrastructure, and regulatory environments. Adding to the excitement is Asia growing importance in political an economic terms. Simply put, this is an exciting place to live and work, especially if you are a professional communicator.

The 'original video welcoming you to Digital Media Across Asia' can be viewed over at YouTube.

When a journalist from North America approaches 'Prof. Netzley' and asks about digital media across Asia, the story usually goes something like this. "China has emerged as the world's largest Internet market and functions like a giant incubator. Japan is the world's most advanced mobile market and South Korea is one of the world's top information society. The rest of the region is mostly composed of emerging markets rapidly building their infrastructure and integrate digital media into everyday life." If time allows, he may emphasize the amazing online growth in Indonesia or discuss the digital divide in India.

As a single but simple example, glance at the following 'infographic of social networks' around the world and you can see just one instance of the diversity we describe.


The story only gets richer. While we put the final touches on our new wiki, the terrible tragedy unfolded in Japan as the earthquake and tsunami led to nuclear and economic crisis. Our prayers go out to the people of Japan as they recover. But Japan, along with countries such as South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam also illustrate the amazing diversity of social media platforms. 'Mixi', 'Gree', 'Baidu', 'RenRen', 'Naver', 'Cyworld', and 'Koprol' are just a few of the popular platforms found in Asia.

Global players like Facebook, My Space (see 'Cyworld and My Space case study'), and Google have found these local companies to be formidable business competitors and at the start of 2011 there is much speculation about what will happen after some of these companies launch their IPO and begin competing on the international stage.

And no introduction to Asia digital would be complete without mentioning the popularity of 'online gaming in Asia' and also the adoption of mobile technology such as smart phones. These two variables, perhaps more than anything else, are responsible for the rapid adoption of social networks in Asia.

However, the news is not all good. Despite the sometimes unbridled enthusiasm for everything digital in Asia, many difficult issues do remain. Among them are digital divides between rich and poor (and urban/rural), Internet filtering and censorship, online addiction, international competition between information societies, and cultural issues which slow down organizational adoption of digital channels which are so popular with citizens. for a great story covering the relatively slow corporate adoption of digital channels, please read 'Asia's Digital Dilemma' from the Wall Street Journal.

The following graphic from Nielsen illustrates just one way in which behaviors can vary from one market to the next.


We Hope You Enjoy Our Wiki

Regardless of the reason why you have arrived at these pages, we hope you find the information useful. Thank you for visiting us.

Please note that:

  • This wiki is maintained by Singapore Management University students taking Comm 215, Digital Media Across Asia, under Prof. Michael Netzley. The wiki will typically be updated 2-3 times per year as part of an on-going class project, and the collected content is shared with you our readers.
  • You need to be logged in with your SMU username/password to edit the content. Only SMU students and faculty will be granted this access.
  • Every effort has been made to encourage proper credit and hyperlinks back to original sources. If you do find a mistake, please contact Prof. Netzley and we will update the wiki as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the previous and current students of Comm 215, volunteers, and everyone else who has shared some of their time to make this wiki a reality. Without you and your sharing, none of this would be possible. Thank you.