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GuessTheWord SG is a game application by Nectary Studio, designed to help Singaporeans appreciate their roots and understand the unique culture on this little island.

This educational game that is tailor made for Singaporeans will allow users to learn more about Singapore’s hawker food, memories from the 90s and even phrases that Singaporeans use.


Tehkor-lightning-icon.png05 Feb 2014: Meeting #1 with Prof Kyong
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png11 Feb 2014: Initial Pitch to Client
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png19 Feb 2014: Meeting #2 with Prof Kyong
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png26 Feb 2014: Coding Hackathon
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png06 Mar 2014: Proposal Rehearsal
Tehkor-star-icon.png07 Mar 2014: Proposal Presentation
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png08 Mar 2014: Video Shoot
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png11 Mar 2014: Compilation of Video
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png14 Mar 2014: Finalise Launch of Web Portal
Tehkor-star-icon.png18 Mar 2014: Launch of Android Campaign
Tehkor-star-icon.png18 Mar 2014: Launch of GTW Web Portal
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png21 Mar 2014: Release GTW50 Coupon
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png22 Mar 2014: Email Influential Players
Tehkor-star-icon.png25 Mar 2014: Launch of iOS Campaign
Tehkor-lightning-icon.png28 Mar 2014: Implement Leaderboard
Tehkor-star-icon.png31 Mar 2014: Announce Winners
Tehkor-star-icon.png11 Apr 2014: Final Presentation


CHALLENGE HAS ENDED How was it? Let us know! And stay tuned, for the next challenge!

Current Task: Final Presentation

Next Milestone: -

Group Status: Extremely Excited!