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IS434 Social Analytics & Applications - Course Wiki

Welcome to this course wiki for IS434 Social Analytics and Applications.

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Why is this course interesting, important and useful to the students?
In today’s globally connected, online and mobile world, social media platforms are fast becoming the dominant means of communication and it is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. Further, gamification seems to be the latest buzz word – this trend is growing within social media marketing. It has huge potential for business – Gartner reports that “By 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations.” A new report by Markets and Markets predicts that the gamification market will grow from the $400+ million market today to some $5.5 billion by 2018. Many popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow for instant, real-time multi-way communication. Collecting and analysing data from multiple online sources require an Information Technology infrastructure. The data collected from online create a gold mine for businesses that want to understand and predict consumer and market behaviour. By leveraging sophisticated computing technologies, big data analytics can produce actionable insights valuable to the core operations of the business. This course will explore emerging methods and applications for understanding online user behaviour on popular social media platforms. This course will expose students to a variety of real-world business cases, a collection of data analytics tools, best practices and hands-on exercises. Students will learn how to 1) identify analytics problems, 2) use data analytics tools and identify types of analysis to be performed, and 3) close the loop (the process of taking the analysis results and interpreting it contextually).

Neat things students will do in the course

  • Learn how to design and launch social media marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to monitor social media marketing campaigns by collecting data regarding social media ROI and measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns
  • Learn how to drive ROI with social media and gamification
  • Learn how to perform compute-intensive analytical jobs on cloud

Comments from faculty
Successful design and execution of social media marketing campaigns requires skillsets from a variety of disciplines. Hence, this course is open to IS students and non-IS students alike. We want this course to be an open forum for students to innovate together with those from other verticals and tiers.

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Course Information

Faculty Prof. Kyong Jin SHIM
Course Social Analytics and Applications
Course code IS434
Term 2013-2014 Term 2
Section 001
Venue & Time SIS SR 3.2, Fridays 12:00pm - 3:15pm
Teaching Assistant John Aung Myat Ko