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Our strategy here is to tap on the existing user base to reach out to immediate connections. Currently, the application generates revenue by allowing users to buy new decks on the app store. As an added incentive, during the campaign existing users will be able to ‘buy’ a particular deck by sharing a pre-designed EDM of our campaign from their Facebook account, from the application itself. The deck will be unlocked free of charge and can immediately be used once the share is completed. The contents of the share will contain a link to our customised web application.
This fully featured web application will enable anyone to enter a challenge to create the most popular Guess the Word SG Deck. By submitting a list of a minimum 100 words, users will be able to put their own deck ideas up for voting by the rest of the community.
Users will be able to vote for their favourite community submitted deck by 'liking' the deck on the web application. Here our primary target audience will the friends of deck submitters who come to give their support. Thus, we are strategically making of deck submitters to do the marketing for us. The secondary audience will be reaching out to the rest of the users or 'friends or friends'. These are the people who have had an impression of our application from Facebook or Youtube.
Every two weeks, the top 3 decks will be selected based on the popularity of the Guess the Word community and will be introduced into the application on the next update. Deck creators will be motivated to return to the website and suggest more content, and their friends might be encouraged to do the same. With user-generated content, it provides a sustainable way to keep the game content fresh, as well as effectively engaging our players outside of the app.
The decks will be put for sale on the application's deck store and be available for purchase.
The winners will get a fixed cut of the total amount of sales generated from the winning deck. Lucky voters who voted for the winning decks will also get a coupon to redeem free deck bundles.

Business Motivation



GuessTheWord SG is a game application by Nectary Studio, designed to help Singaporeans appreciate their roots and understand the unique culture on this little island. This educational game that is tailor made for Singaporeans will allow users to learn more about Singapore’s hawker food, memories from the 90s and even phrases that Singaporeans use.

Business Motivation

In their prime period in January, GuessTheWord SG had been #2 on the download charts and constantly within the top 20 ranks. However, rankings of the game has been dropping recently and we would like to re-establish its rankings.

Users are slowly losing interest in the game likely due to a lack of manpower where the company cannot sustainably generate new content. As a result, the number of new users have been decreasing (from 4,000 per day to 400 per day only).

Also, GuessTheWord SG is still relatively new (2 months old) so we would like to raise brand awareness of the game. Nectary Studio is considering launching versions of GuessTheWord in other countries as well and would require sourcing of ideas for new decks, so we would develop our campaign as a long-term one that could be rolled out in other countries as well.



iOS Downloads


Android Downloads


These graphs show the trend of app downloads over the past 2 months. Even on weekends which are the peak periods of new downloads, it can be seen that the figures have been declining steeply. By comparing the daily downloads in February and March, we see a decrease from 3000 daily downloads to 400 daily downloads. This is an approximately 85% decrease in a short period of 2 months. If the company does not do anything to revive the game’s popularity, the downward trend is expected to continue. By extrapolation, the application may receive less than 100 daily downloads by May. Thus, it is pertinent that we help to sustain interest in GuessTheWord SG and attract more downloads with our campaign.

Active Users


The Active Users graph also shows a similar decline as the app downloads. The graph shows that the game is unable to sustain players’ interest in the long run and cannot drive players to return to the game constantly. If this continues, it may result in a situation where users download the game, play it once, and shelf the game. It is ideal to have more active players as these are the players who are more willing to purchase and unlock new decks. Hence, we need to retain existing players and encourage them to return to the game more often.

Facebook Likes

Also, we noticed that the GuessTheWord SG Facebook page has only 166 likes, as compared to competitor Heads Up which has more than 50,000 likes. This shows that GuessTheWord SG has yet to build a strong fan base, and that word of mouth recommendation is limited. With such a small number of Facebook likes, posts on the Facebook page also reach a small audience. Therefore, with our campaign, we aim to increase awareness of GuessTheWord SG and attract more fans who will become our brand ambassadors. With more likes, we can have more conversations with players, understand what content they would like to see, increase their interest in the game and engage them such that they can help to drive traffic to the game.

Analysis of Target Audience

We carried out an analysis on players of GuessTheWord SG, who are also the target group of our campaign. The main group of players in GuessTheWord SG are teenagers aged 17-21. They play the game when they are with their friends as it is exhilarating and provides laughter due to the familiarity of content in the decks. They like the game because of the Singaporean content, and they will continue to play the game if there are more content that they can relate to. Also, they like to play different decks, as they find that the words may be repeated if they play the same decks for multiple times. In every game session, they spend an average of 6 minutes and will play an average of 4 decks. Thus, the decks run out relatively fast. If there are new decks released regularly, their interest will be sustained for a longer period and they will return to try out the new decks.

However, as decks are consumed at a faster rate than it is being produced, it is difficult for the small team behind GuessTheWord SG to constantly come up with new decks to keep up with the players’ requests.

Most players got to know of GuessTheWord SG through recommendations by friends, or by watching others play the game. Some learnt of the game after it was featured in the app store.

Also, players like to suggest ideas and have their voice heard. Our clients receive much feedback on ideas for decks. Although there are many creative suggestions for decks, the ideas are often not converted to decks due to various reasons. It is difficult to think of enough content to fill up an entire deck, and it is hard for our clients to determine if the deck will be popular with players. Therefore, we need to provide a sustainable way to create more decks from ideas supplied by game players. Also, we want to be able to know what decks are popular with players and can generate more revenue for the company.



At the end of our 3-week campaign, we would like to:
  1. Increase brand awareness
    • Facebook Fan likes by 200%
    • Number of Shares and Re-shares that a post had gotten by 50%
  2. Increase average daily downloads by 50%
  3. Increase in-app purchases by 100%
  4. Increase engagement between players outside of the game by driving 10,000 pageviews to our web portal.



Metrics Purpose of Metrics
No. of Facebook shares No. of participation in the campaign from the app
Number of 2nd level shares/likes of the post that was generated in "Pay with Share" Allow us to determine who is more influential in reaching out to more people (how many people do they know and how many people do their friends know), so that we can target people who can eventually reach a larger audience

Metrics Purpose of Metrics
No. of Deck Creators Measure the effectiveness of the campaign
Total number of Votes generated Measure the effectiveness of the campaign
Total number of Facebook Shares and Impressions Measure the outreach of our campaign
No. of people who used Coupon Code Measure the conversion rate of our campaign
Number of Downloads during the campaign period How effective our campaign aid in increasing downloads
Number of Returning and New Users

(Google Analytics)

Engagement of the campaign
Revenue Measure the amount of revenue generated as part of the campaign
App Ranking Measure the popularity of the app in app store
Number of Facebook Page Likes Measure the popularity of the app in Facebook
Session Time Measure how long users are engaged with the game
Number of Deck Engagement Measure which decks are the most popular

Tehkor-campaign-analytics-tools-header.png Tehkor-campaign-all-tools.png



If we get users to create their content in the game, they will feel more engaged and they will also introduce more friends to join the game. This would, in turn garner more conversions of people buying the app.