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Welcome to the course wiki of IS428 Visual Analytics for Business Intelligence

Do you want to be able to ‘seduce’ your audience using interactive chart like what Prof. Rosling did?


Click here to watch the video [1]

Are you interested to design and development application like this below?


Click here to visit the homepage [2]

In this course, you will learn how to use visual analytic techniques and tools to interact with data of different formats from various sources, explore the expected relationships and discover unexpected correlations and patterns. You will also learn how to design cutting-edge visual analytics systems and conduct usability study on visual analytics systems.

What is this wiki page for?

You will be using the course wiki to:

  • Review the course design document
  • Read the weekly lesson plan and course readings
  • Post questions and debate readings
  • Upload your assignments
  • Upload your visual analytics project deliverables
  • Share resources and links

Please note that:

  • This wiki is available for anyone in the world to view, please do therefore not post any personal information on this wiki.
  • You need to be logged in with your SMU username/password to edit the content.
  • You can read the help pages and view this video tutorial to learn how to use the wiki.
  • Please make sure that you do not violate Intellectual Property Law's. You will find a guide here, which will help you to determine if your content is fine to post. In this document you will also learn how you can find and post photos (from Internet) legally on this wiki.