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Assignment 3

A tutorial I found useful as a quick guide to Gephi Gephi Layouts

Oh, and to deal with large datasets, Yifan Hu and OpenORD are more capable for dealing with these details

~~Melvrick Goh

I have found a simple and fast tutorial on How to filter networks using Gephi

--Lim Ken Khoon

The great Yifu Hu sorting function's creator Doctor Hu Yifan and his personal website :) http://www2.research.att.com/~yifanhu/ Here is his weibo address http://www.weibo.com/yifanhu

--Wang Can

Visual Analytics Tools

During the recent presentations, prof mentions about some other possible visual analytics tools like cartogram.js, leaflets etc. I decide to explore further and find out what are the different visual analytics tools in the market that are well known, and chance upon this site[1] that list down their opinion of the top 20 data visualization tools.

As such, do take a look if you are interested in exploring further the possibility of other visual analytics softwares. Each has its pros and cons so that will require additional information gathering.

--Lee Wen Jie

Some framework may be easy to start your d3 project. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right tools as scalability and customization may be a problem. Getting your basic understanding about d3 is very important to get your creativity flows. Just read similar codes and happy customization!

- Fransisca Fortunata

I agree with Fransisca that we should look at some framework before starting the d3 project. This is especially useful if you are coding with d3.js for the first time! The framework helps to lay most of the groundwork, like transition, positioning, coloring etc. As you progress, you will better understand d3.js and you can start doing your own customisation :) Keep your mind open and let the creative juice flows!

- Lee Xiang Rui


I really learnt a lot from the presentations of the classmates and the comments of the prof today, which helps me get a better understanding of how to begin a project, how to make a good blueprint of the project. After the lesson, in order to equip myself more knowledge of d3 to make a better visualizarion, I did lots of researches and found the tutorial a quite helpful one here.1 Hope it will give some help in your team project development.

-- Fu Yue

More uses for Gephi

Another interesting thing Gephi can do: Visualising Related Entries in Wikipedia Using Gephi

-- Kean Kwok Jin


After going through all the presentations, I am really looking forward to the end products that the class will be creating. Much appreciation for all the comments given to the teams, there are a lot of pointers that can be applied to our own projects. Personally I feel that the BOSS idea is really interesting. It's going be to a tough period now, good luck everyone!

--Karen Tay

The presentations were a huge eye-openers. Interesting proposed visualisations. It had made me discover the huge possibilities with D3.js. Our group had also received lots of insights from Prof Kam's critiques, regardless of his delivery (tonality). It's crunched time. Assignment 3, along with Project. Lots of tools to learn with so little time. Game on!

Jeremy ZHONG Jiahao

The session had so much to learn from. While undergrads like us always want to produce solutions that are often innovative and appealing to look at, we often overlook some key factors. Prof’s advice reminded us of the intention and usefulness of our overall visualisation. No point designing a fanciful visualisation that serves not real purpose for users. Not only did we get advice for our own project, the advices for other groups were also learning pointers for us.

--Lee Yao Zong

Today's lesson was a teaser towards what will come out on our townhall presentation. It is interesting to hear about many team's projects and I feel we can all learn from each other in the analysis we can use for our project. I'm very interested to find out more on what some of the very interesting teams find out in their projects.

--Kenneth Chai