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Analytical Interaction and Animation: Principles and Practices


Interaction Concepts and Framework

  • Interaction Operators
  • Interaction Operands and Spaces
  • A Unified Framework

Typology of interaction

  • Screen space
  • Object-space (3D surfaces)
  • Data space (multivariate data values)
  • Attribute space (properties of graphical entities)
  • Data structure space (components of data organization)
  • Visualization structure space (components of the data visualization)
  • Animating Transformation

Interactive Techniques

  • Brushing
  • Identification
  • Scaling
  • Subset selection
  • Line segments link views
  • Dragging points
  • Rotating

Hands-On Session

Daily Readings

Day Time required Readings
Monday 30 mins Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis (must read)[1]

Enhancing Visual Analysis by Linking Multiple Views of Data [2]

Tuesday 30 mins

Coordinated Highlighting in Context[3]

The neglected role of interaction in information visualization [4]

The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations [5]

The Sunrest Path to Visual Discovery [6]

Brushing [7]

Wednesday 30 mins

Animated Transitions in Statistical Data Graphics [8]

Effectiveness of Animation in Trend Visualization [9]

Thursday 3 hours Lesson and hands-on
Friday 30 mins Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization. [10]

Snap-together visualization: can users construct and operate coordinated visualizations? [11]

Generalized Selection via Interactive Query Relaxation [12]

Useful Software Tools


ViSta [13]

GGobi [14]

Mondrian [15]


ManyEyes [16]

Google Chart Tools [17]

Taleau Public [18]

TIBCO Silver Spotfire [19]


Discussion Lesson 03