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Sentiment analysis of S&P 500 What do we mean by market sentiment? How has a piece of news affects a company stock price? This project aims to build a model by analyzing and visualizing the correlation between financial news headlines and stock price performance of S&P 500 companies. From the model, the project will try to predict the future stock performance of a company by reading the sentiment of the company's current news.


Healthcare Interactive Visualization Explorer
Know your Customers. This simple rule applies in many ways to a variety of industries. Be it to sell or to serve, understanding and knowing the customer can only bring benefits. In terms of the healthcare industry, patients are the customers. In order to serve patients better, healthcare providers need to know the profile and demographics of their patients. HIVE provides the ability for healthcare professionals to be able to visually explore electronic health records and in the process, gain an improved understanding of the patients they serve.


(Proper)2ty Home ownership in Singapore was touted as one of the critical nation-building strategies in Singapore's early years. An outcome of that particular strategy has manifested itself today in the form of an exacerbated demand for apartments, which translates into the inflated property market we see today.

In essence, property in Singapore today is not as affordable as we would like it to be. Our project aims to equip stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the property market, so as to make critical decisions and maximize the worth of their hard-earned money spent.


The Meaty Statistics Our main aim is to analyse Singaporeans’ diet over the years, based on statistical imports of the various food categories (reference: Department of Statistics, Singapore). As our local agricultural and animal rearing industries are limited, our country is heavily dependent on imports for its food supply. Therefore, the import figures will be a strong indicator for our local consumption preferences.
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Singapore Divorce Visualization Our main objective is to explore patterns in the divorce rate in Singapore, as well as to find out if there are any underlying relationship between divorce rate and age, gender, ethnic group and other factors.

Va logo.pngVA-Style

SoundScape We will be studying the English Music Industry, to visualise the popularity of individual music artists over time, and analyse their rise, consistency, longevity, and decline, using the BillBoard Hot 100 Charts.
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Visualizing Public Data The team will be analyzing public data such as crime rates and population dynamics. We aim to make such data easily read and understood; to give users a dashboard that will provide interactivity and eventually allow them to derive meaningful relationships.

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Visualization Case Study: Visualising Vietnam’s Provincial Business Environment To create a Web Application Dashboard to allow Investors and Government Official to do comparative analyses between provinces and national statistics.


Project 3 We will attempt to provide a new way for people to view actors' filmography, through visually displaying data and relationships. Relationships include actors, directors and the success of their movies.
World Hunger Visualization We will be analyzing the global tariff and GDP distribution pattern and trends to address the world hunger issue.
Tidal Wave Explorer An interactive visualization of the causes and impact of tidal waves that have occurred in the past century.
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Wressence Analytics 'Social Media monitoring and management is increasingly growing in demand amongst PR and Marketing professionals. While many startups have jumped onto the bandwagon to offer solutions, many have missed the boat when it comes to visualizing these insights. Wressence endeavors to bridge this gap by offering a solution with a richer set of visualizing capabilities, empowering analysts to abstract more insights through analyzing the data in different views and dimensions.


Watchdogs We will explore the elements behind the scene that affect game sales performance, analyze and visualize them and eventually provide a tool for parties interested in gaming industry to understand the trend and patterns of game sales.