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This is a new segment this term.

By taking this class, you are interested in starting a company. Please list out a plan/todo for you to start up.

This can take many forms. So, if you feel the most important thing in your plan is to come up with an idea, then describe some of the ideas you have. If you feel you must form a team, then describe how you would do this. If you already have an idea and a team, you just need to do it. Then research on how to register a company, apply for grants, talk to speakers from founders, learn about government policies, seek out Angel Investors (VC if you already pass that round of funding), venture overseas, etc.

Starting A Company

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Found the team, Got the idea, Now what? Shamus Ming Mohan
Assembling your Team Peh Xiang Yang
All About Ideas Lim Yan Xin
Dilemma - Users or Profit first? Aloysius Lau
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The Start of An Exciting Venture Melissa Tian
Know Thyself and Thy Friends Jonathan PANG
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