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Team 대박 (Daebak)
Hanintel & TakeTalks Weenu Jocelyn's Reflection Shamus's Reflection

Hanintel and TakeTalks Key Takeaways


1. Understand Your Users and their Culture

Hanintel focused a lot on taking the time and effort to understand what users in different cultures prefer. For example, they first created the Korean version and the design is complex and has very detailed information because they understand that the Koreans tend to prefer having access to more details. Hence it is better to provide many detailed information. The English version, however, looks the total opposite. It has a very simplistic and minimalistic design and only displays important information. Hence, it is important to have a clear understanding of what the users prefer, especially users from different cultures because what is preferred in one culture may be totally opposite in the other.

2. Solve a real problem

If you create a solution that solves a real problem, users will come to you even if there is another way around it due to added benefits such as convenience and security. For example, since Hanintel works as the middleman which links up the users to the guesthouses, it is possible that users will bypass the middleman and go straight to the guesthouses for cheaper prices. However, bypassing the middleman also means that the users will be missing out on the convenience the platform provides as well as the security of paying through Hanintel rather than directly to the guesthouse owner whom you have never met. Hence, many users tend to prefer to use the application rather that going through the hassle of finding the guesthouse owners themselves. This goes the same for TakeTalks. Hence, if the product is a solution that solves a real problem, people will naturally want to use the application for benefits such as convenience and security.

With a good solution that solves a real problem, it will be easier to reach out to a larger audience through word of mouth. If the solution is good, users will tell their friends, and they will tell their friends etc, and the userbase will grow naturally as more people will want to use the application. This is evident in Hanintel because they did not have to do much marketing as their user base grew mostly because of word of mouth. This is really an ideal situation for any company as the user base can grow so much without having to add in additional effort.

3. Live by Passion
“Find something that you like to do. If not you are not go to be able to wake up to do it, or spend the late nights working on it. Since you are still young, now is the time to explore. Try things that you find interesting now, because it takes time to find your interest."

This is something many of us have been told of by many other people, and it will be a dream come true if we will actually be able to want to wake up to accomplish something without feeling the drag. Passion drives ourselves towards the goals and makes things more enjoyable. This makes a more conducive environment for us to create something great! As compared to getting caught up with competition, peer pressure, or fear of failing, end ending up with a job that we do for the sake of doing

It is also important to start early so that we can start gaining experience as early as possible and have a better understanding of what we like and dislike. These experiences come with many important learning points and can help us grow more quickly. Since we start before we graduate, it is a safe environment and it is still okay to fail, as we know that it is not the end. This can help us get back up on our feet quickly and try again, and find our passion sooner.

4. Dreams
"We didn't have money but we had dreams, since we could create things, we helped to create other people's dreams."
This is extremely inspiring to me as it feels so heartwarming and it is a position that we might potentially be in. When we are young, we may be very ambitious and have many dreams to chase after, but are limited with many constraints such as money, experience and expertise. However, what we have are very important sets of skills that can help us create things. With these skills, we have the power to make a difference. We have the power to help other people who are in need of help to achieve their dreams, by working together to achieve success.