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About Tan Si Min Jocelyn

Jo pic.png

Academic Year: 3
Degree: Information Systems Management
2nd Major: Operations Management

Hello there curious one! I’m Jocelyn and I hope you can get to know more about me through this profile page!

Why TSM South Korea?

What motivates you to join TSM?

Over the past summer, I worked in a technology start up called Savant Degrees. It is a digital innovation studio, which helps other businesses develop concepts and coach innovation to achieve their business objectives. During my internship period, I had a first hand experience of what it would be like in a technology start up and it was extremely interesting and inspiring to listen to the founders’ experiences in starting the company. Their successes have been an inspiration for me and I started having a keen interest in starting my own business in the IT industry.

I want to explore and interact with entrepreneurs and listen to their stories; stories of their successes, struggles and learning experiences. Interacting with entrepreneurs will serve as an inspiration and a great learning platform for me, as well as provide me with great insights towards the Technopreneuship path.

Why pick South Korea?

Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs powered an 83% surge in the number of South Korean technology startups in the past 4 years. The government has also been very supportive and has encouraged startups by simplifying procedures for new businesses seeking credit and raising loans and grants for small and midsize businesses to as much as $16.7 billion last in 2011.

We can see how the landscape is changing and people are shifting from looking for jobs in large companies to starting up their own businesses. The number of things to learn from these entrepreneurs, the government and the culture are endless!

Why are young graduates more interested in taking the risk of starting their own business rather than working for companies like Samsung Electronics or in a chaebol? How has success stories like Facebook, Instagram inspired technopreneurs? How has the rapidly growing market for mobile apps influence the technology landscape?

South Korea has such an interesting technology landscape and there are many things I would love to learn about from the South Korea technology industry!

Internship Opportunities

What types of internship opportunities interest you?

I am interested in the following positions:
1) Business Analyst: I am interested in a consultancy role which involves studying business systems and identifying solutions for improving the business systems and bridging the needs of the business using IT
2) Project Management: Since I enjoy managing projects and is keen in being a project manager in the future, I believe that it would be a great opportunity to nurture my project management skills during the internship

Any ideal firms (based in South Korea) that you wishes to join?

I am interested in having an opportunity to work in Samsung, the South Korean multinational conglomerate company because there will definitely be many things to learn from this leading technology company and find out how it has grown to be so successful today

I am also keen in working in mobile application developing companies like Value Creators & Company (VNVC) which created Between* which is an application where couples can use the application to share and remember all their moments together. Another company I am interested in is Kakao, the creators of KakaoTalk and KakaoStory.

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Past Experiences

  • Describe your past experience (entrepreneurship, or works in start ups etc

During the summer of 2012, I worked in a techonology start up called Savant Degrees. It was a fruitful experience that I will never forget. There were many things to learn and it was inspiring listening to the founders’ experiences as they worked hard to build up the company. Here’s my internship poster to give you a better understanding of my experiences there!

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