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Cast & Roles

Cast & Roles!

Top Row: Benjamin, Roy LEE Ka Wei, SIM Li Chien, Clinston Tan Wei Jie, Aloysius Lau, Toh Kian Lock Houston, Daphne Ho Li Min, LIM Wei Chiang Bryan
Middle Row: Celine LEONG Shu Yi, TAY Wen Bin, LEE XinHan Adrian, SIM Xiu Ling Joy, Shamus Ming Mohan, Tan Si Min Jocelyn, Peh Xiang Yang, Ng Wah Chun Bottom Row: Jonathan Pang, Timothy TEO, Melissa Tian, Lim Yan Xin, Jessie Choo, Michelle Leong Kai Xin, Emmy Hoang

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  1. Joy Sim
  2. Max Sim
  3. Clinston Tan Wei Jie
  4. Lau Poh Chye (Aloysius)
  5. Houston Toh Kian Lock
  6. Jocelyn Tan Si Min
  7. Celine Leong Shu Yi
  8. Shamus Ming Mohan
  9. Jessie The Awesome
  10. Emmy Hoang
  11. Timothy Teo
  12. Jonathan Pang
  13. Ng Wah Chun
  14. Lim Yan Xin
  15. Melissa Lim


Roles Cast Comments
Course Coordinator and Local Tour-Guide Benjamin
TA and Wiki Editor Roy LEE Ka Wei
Trip Documentors
Photographer Benjamin, Jonathan Pang, Clinston Tan Wei Jie
Videographer SIM Li Chien, Shamus Ming Mohan, Timothy TEO Videography Team Page
Social Media Managers Toh Kian Lock Houston, Ng Wah Chun, Aloysius Lau, Clinston Tan Wei Jie Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook
Journalist Michelle Leong Kai Xin, LEE XinHan Adrian, TAY Wen Bin, LIM Wei Chiang Bryan Journalist Team Page, TSM Blog
Interpreter LIM Wei Chiang Bryan, Michelle Leong Kai Xin
Pre-Trip Planners
Board Liaison Tan Si Min Jocelyn, Michelle Leong Kai Xin, SIM Xiu Ling Joy, LEE XinHan Adrian, TAY Wen Bin If your team cannot contact your interested startup because they did not list their email address etc, enter the startup details here. We will consolidate and get KTO's assistance in calling or emailing them in Korean instead (:
Itinerary Planner Benjamin, Roy LEE Ka Wei
Treasurer Celine LEONG Shu Yi Please access the link to the budget here
Entertainment/Welfare Jonathan Pang, Melissa Tian, LIM Wei Chiang Bryan, Tan Si Min Jocelyn, Jessie Choo, Celine LEONG Shu Yi Please access the itinerary here

Please access our notes here

Foodie Advisors Jonathan Pang, Michelle Leong Kai Xin, Jessie Choo
Hotel Critic Jessie Choo, SIM Li Chien Hotel Critic Resources
Designer Peh Xiang Yang, Melissa Tian
Printing Peh Xiang Yang, Lim Yan Xin
Organization Appreciation Daphne Ho Li Min
First Aid Aloysius Lau, Timothy TEO