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Welcome to IS427: Technopreneur Study Mission: South Korea!

All set and ready! TSM 2013!
The TSM Family 2013!
All set and ready! TSM 2013!
The TSM Family 2013!
Academic Year 2012-2013 (Term 2): January to April 2013
Facilitator: Benjamin Gan
Office: SIS Room 5034; School of Information System, SIS
Phone: +65 6828 0267
Venue: SIS SR 2.1
Date/Time: Wednesdays 12:00-15:15
Teaching Assistant: Roy LEE
Travel Date: April 28th - May 7th 2013
Subsidy: 75 % of the cost will be subsidized
Pre-requisite: None. However priority will be given to:
(a) from the ABT-Technopreneurship track,
(b) from LKCSB entrepreneurship track,
(c) with prior start-up experience,
(d) are currently starting a technology based company.
Last Term wiki: 2012 2014
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Important Notes

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Other Resources

Library links background travel guide culture business governance IT industry MIT journal on entrepreneurship and innovation others

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Special Notes:

  • Students who are unable to make it on the travel dates are advised not to take this module.
  • Students in their FINAL YEAR/TERM in AY2012-13 are not encouraged to take this module.
  • Priority and subsidy will be given to the following students who show evidence that they are entrepreneurially inclined. This could mean
    • they have started a company
    • have signed up for either Technopreneurship track or entrepreneurship concentration at the LKCSB or attended relevance courses
    • have attended IIE events regularly
    • have been a member of SMU Ventures or Real Business student clubs
    • willing to undertake an internship at some of the start-up companies
  • If an internship opportunity has been secured with a particular student who have expressed an interest in the company but subsequently decide not to take it up, he/she will have to repay the 75% subsidy given during the TSM. Students will be asked to sign an indemnity form and a declaration with acknowledge to repay 75% subsidy if internship is not taken up.
  • Students enrolling for the course will be required to pay a deposit of approximately S$800 for the cost of boarding, lodging and the airfare differential on week 3. This will include the unsubsidised TA cost.
  • Students are required to contribute to a petty cash fund ($100) for expenses such as memento for each company, interpreter, hosting guest, tips for guide/driver, welfare, t-shirt, banner and miscellaneous cost. TA will coordinate.

TSM Korea 2013 - The Kimchi Family!
TSM Korea 2013 - Our Kings and Princesses!